Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Randall Knight, a resident from Jefferson has recently emerged as a winner of one of the largest lottery prizes give out by Mega Millions.

The player and his entire family were extremely excited that he ended up winning the game despite participating with a physical for the first time.

Knight revealed that in the past, he has only participated in Mega Millions though the online lottery games. However, he never won a single prize money participating online.

The very first physical ticket he purchased from a local shop helped him win $2,000,000.

Results from the Draw

The jackpot prize or the Mega Millions had been rolling over for a while and had reached a high of $410 million. The cash (jackpot) prize for the draw was $213.8 million.

The winning numbers for the draw were 55-36-29-11-6 and the Megaball number was 21. The Megaplier for the draw was 2X.

Following the draw, it was confirmed that none of the players won the jackpot prize money. There was only one player who was able to win the second-top prize money.

For Knight, the target as always was the jackpot prize money but his wish did not materialize in the absolute manner.

However, he did earn the spotlight because he was the only player who had won the second top prize money. Knight won himself a prize money worth $2,000,000 after the Megaplier came into play.

Knight was the only player who emerged as the millionaire from the particular draw and no one else did.

Knight Goes on a Vacation

As the player came in to claim his prize money, he also shared the plans he had. He revealed that he is going to take his entire family on a vacation.

He is going to have a quality time with his family and make every moment count. He had been working tirelessly for years without taking a single vacation with his family.

Now, he has the opportunity to do it and he is going to make sure none of his family members forget their vacation.

Randall Knight had purchased his ticket from Jai BP LLC.

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